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We have some unique sign-up requirements. Can PartnerLynk be customized?

Yes. PartnerLynk is fully-customizable to meet your every requirement. Customizations are quoted and billed separately. We should talk to discuss the scope of your requirements.

What if my account creation process is a little different than the standard PartnerLynk flow?

This is no problem. MOCO’s web development team can customize your PartnerLynk portal to meet your every need. We just need to discuss the scope of the changes you’d like to make, and then we will provide a quotation for the customizations.

If I sign-up for PartnerLynk, how long is the contract?

With PartnerLynk, there is no contract. You can cancel at any time.

Does the PartnerLynk pricing structure include creating training courses?

No. We can add your existing SCORM-compliant courses for you, and we can also create custom training courses from start to finish. These services are provided at an additional cost. You can however create your own training material using the included LearnDash course builder.

Who can access the PartnerLynk promo store and what can they see and order?

The PartnerLynk promo store is designed with multiple levels of access. For each item in your promo store, you can choose which level of visibility you would like. For example, you can have an item that is seen by everyone, another item that is only seen by your reps and inside sales team and another that is only seen by one certain reseller.

Who adds and maintains all of marketing and promotional items in the partnerLynk promo store?

MOCO will manage all of that data for you. Each time that our warehouse receives a new marketing or promotional item, we will photograph it, write descriptive copy and add it to the “owner” level of your promo store. The owner level means that only you will have visibility to the product. You can check our photos and descriptions, and after approval, you can also instruct us to change the visibility to other levels, allowing various users and groups to see and order the item. We add new items to your promo store at no additional cost.

Why do we need to send you our marketing and promotional items?

This is only if you choose to use the optional PartnerLynk Ordering Module. If you choose this feature, we build an online store for all of your marketing and promotional items, and we warehouse these items for you, receive the orders from your partners who are using the promo store, and we fulfill them for you. This is a big convenience for our clients, and also needs to function this way because our PartnerLynk promo store is not designed to handle order-processing with third-party warehouses.

Are there any hidden fees when I sign-up for PartnerLynk?

The only fee that all PartnerLynk users pay is the subscription cost, based on company size. Optional add-ons include additional fees. For example, if we add Pandadoc or DocuSign service for online contract signing, those third-party services will have an associated fee that we will pass to you. Also, if you want any customizations to the PartnerLynk portal, we will provide a cost estimate for that web development work. Finally, if you choose to use the Partner Ordering Module, there will be monthly fees for storage, shipping and handling of your marketing and promotional items. We can discuss these fees as we discuss your partner ordering needs.

What types of items do people typically put into the promo store?

You can offer anything you’d like to be able to provide to your partners free-of-charge. Some examples that others offer to their partners through PartnerLynk include clothing, literature, demo product, promotional/giveaway items, retail displays, retail display parts and trade show and event items such as pop-up booths, banner stands and even larger structural booth components.

Can MOCO help to source my marketing and promotional items as well?

Yes. MOCO has a design team, and we can develop artwork for you, or we can use your artwork to produce any type of marketing and promotional items. We can source small quantity orders of clothing and giveaway items in USA. And if you have needs for a large quantity order, our Hong Kong office can produce these items for you in China at a significant cost savings. MOCO also manufactures all types of retail and tradeshow display structures.

Can I use PartnerLynk to sell my products to my resellers?

At this time, the PartnerLynk Ordering Module is not designed for transactions involving value. All items presented to partners through the PartnerLynk Ordering Module are offered to partners free-of-charge. However, the ability to manage wholesale transactions is a feature that we plan to release in a future version. If this is something you need urgently, let’s talk. We have an experienced web development team that is fully capable of writing any type of custom web app you may need.

If I place my partner contracts on PartnerLynk, and my partners sign them digitally, are they legally binding?

Yes. Official digital signing using companies such as Pandadoc and DocuSign are considered by the legal industry to be legally binding. You can learn more about this here: and here:

Our account information is considered highly confidential. How do I know that data stored in PartnerLynk will be safe?

PartnerLynk uses industry-leading security and all data is hosted on redundant Amazon AWS servers. Your specific instance of PartnerLynk will be on an standalone cloud server, have integrated SSL and use individual session based authentication. We can also customize the security requirements to conform to your business needs.

How do I upload my contracts to PartnerLynk?

For each contract, you will provide a PDF to MOCO, and we will format the document for proper online use and upload into the database for you. At that point, we will provide a link where you can review your online contract and confirm that it is correct and approved for use. At that point, you can start to share your new account setup URL with your partners.

I need my partner account data to live in my accounting software. If I use PartnerLynk for account creation, how do I get all that data into my accounting software?

Most accounting platforms have a data import function. PartnerLynk includes some basic data export features. If you need help customizing the data export process to perfectly map to the import process in another software, our web development team is fully capable of creating a custom export for you. We would need to discuss the scope of the project, and we would provide a cost estimate to add that functionality for you.

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