A custom web portal makes managing your resellers easy.

  1. Automate Reseller Account Creation
  2. Manage Reseller Accounts Online
  3. Boost Sales with Online Training Courses
  4. Simplify Marketing Materials Distribution
  5. Each Portal is Customized for Your Needs

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Help Your Resellers Help You

With simplified online account setup, including digital contract signing, it’s a snap for new resellers to get started. Choose to allow each reseller to add their sales staff for online sales training. And provide their marketing teams with online access to your marketing and promotional materials.  You choose the features you’d like to offer and we’ll do the heavy lifting to build your custom portal just the way you’d like it.

Virtual Sales Support

We provide support to your users.  When they have questions, they’ll contact us, and quit bothering you.

RESELLER Dashboard

Each reseller gets a dashboard where they can manage staff and access portal features.

Help Yourself As Well

With a custom portal, approving new accounts is a snap. Your portal can become your reseller database, storing contracts and account details. Track account activities, generate reports and export data, all at the touch of a button. And built-in communication features make it a snap to blast out important updates to your resellers.

Simplicity Equals Results

Making it easier for resellers to interact with you will lead to growing revenues.

Promo Items Streamlined

We can handle your promo item orders, warehousing and fulfillment as well.

Primary Portal Functionality

Our custom portals can be built to do anything you'd like.  
Typically, most portals consist of one, two or all three of these items: 

RESELLER Contracting

Allow your resellers to sign contracts digitally as they create their account.

  • Digital Document Signing
  • Account-Based Contract Archive
  • Easy Contract Updating


Keep your resellers up-to-speed with new products and sales strategies.

  • SCORM-Compliant LMS Courses
  • Training Progress Tracking
  • Training Incentive Programs


Allow your resellers to order marketing and promo items online.

  • Multiple Access Levels
  • Online Inventory & Order History
  • We Can Also Warehouse & Ship

Portal Basics

Along with the primary functions above, here are some of the basic features
built into most of our portal projects.

Reseller Sign-up

Automates the account setup process for your reps, distributors, resellers, installers, etc.

  • Online Account Creation
  • Reseller Staff Management
  • Custom Data Management

Reseller Dashboard

Home base for your resellers, with access to portal features and account management.

  • Reseller Account Management
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Access
  • Partner Engagement

Reseller Resources

Gives your resellers online access to all the answers and digital assets they need.

  • FAQ & Reference Data
  • Customer Service Integration
  • Digital Resource Management

Client Admin Panel

Provides you with all the tools you need to manage your custom portal.

  • User & Group Management
  • Data Management
  • Online Reports & Data Exports

Major Platform Integrations

Leading Brands Using Our Custom Portals

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